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i want to live in a freaking earthship so bad 

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i thought you'd just forgotten lol. but i like your music, you have an amazing voice :D

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ha, thank you very much!  it’s still very much a hobby.  and if people really do like the stuff that i put out, then i’ll continue putting it out! especially covers n stuff. 

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why don't you want to make music for a living anymore?

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short answer: i don’t know what i want. 

long answer:  it’s kind of weird, but i don’t seem to like it as much as i used to guess? i don’t know.  music is still one of my passions and i love it. writing almost seems like more of a chore now, though  (at least lyrically).  this is especially weird to me because it used to come so naturally.  like there are so many notebooks i have from when i was a kid of just lyrics.  now i can’t even think of what to write. i’ll have very general ideas but it’s harder to branch off of them and actually write.  

musically, i have gotten noticeably better at coming up with guitar parts and stuff, which is awesome! and i actually really like what i’ve been coming up with, but i have a tough time tying parts together to create  a song, especially when it comes to bringing the lyrics into the song.  

i’m probably just thinking too much about the whole process to the point that it’s stressing me out and i can’t make what i want. it doesn’t help that i want to perfect everything.

i don’t know if this will last forever or not. it’s just so bizarre to me, though, because for 19 years of my life i wanted to do music so bad for a living and now that it’s to the point where i might actually be able to, i might not want to anymore?

but yeah like i said this might change again, who knows? 

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hey anon, i’m going to answer your question! 

but not right now, probably tomorrow. 

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Modest Mouse // So Much Beauty In Dirt

Stop the car, lay on the grass
The planets spin and we watch space pass
Walk a direction, see where we get
I never knew nothing so there’s nothing to forget
Get real drunk and ride our bikes
There’s so much beauty it could make you cry

(via butts4ever)

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it’s weird for me to think about, but i dont think i want to make music for a living anymore?? 

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Y'know I don't really know how either haha. It's something I've always wanted to do, too. I guess just get in your car or take a train ride and go wherever you want! You could visit Canada for a week or take a train to Colorado and legally get super high! That's what I wanna do!

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hahaha yesss that’d be awesome 

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travel the world and see everywhere!

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i would honestly love to do that! i just don’t know how

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i wish i knew what to do with my fucking life that’d be great

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